Our development is an integral part of DAC, we continually evaluate new sector trends here in the UK and abroad, making sure we are efficient at all times.


Continual investment ensures we are at the forefront of industry technology, benefiting the client with quality and cost.

Airset Sand Casting

Our air set sand casting division allows us to produce all manner of castings from cleaning machines to brewery beer fonts.

Gravity Die Castings

We have continually invested in our gravity die operating procedures to enable us to keep at the competitive end of the marketplace.

Finishing & Assembley

At DAC all finishing methods are available to the customer..

CNC Machining

We offer a wide range of machining services, from conventional methods for drilling and tapping, to full CNC operations with 4 and 5 axis machines.

CAD Software

We are able to design, convert and basically accommodate all types of software.


With our range of manufacturing operations this allows us to be able to produce casting in all manor of non-ferrous metals.